Favourite Talks Of 2016

After a truly prolific run of zero posts in 2016 I thought I’d start 2017 off with a list of may favourite conference talks of 2016.

What We Actually Know About Software Development, and Why We Believe It’s True, Greg Wilson

OK, so this one might be cheating as it was recorded seven years ago but it was by far the most relevant an intersting talk for me last year. The companion book is recommended reading too.

Embracing Simplicity, Adam Silver

Saw Adam give this talk at the start of the year at EnhanceConf. I’m a big fan of Adam’s writing so it was great to see him present his ideas in a talk.

Progressive Performance, Alex Russell

A slightly unformfortable but necessary talk about slow networks and low-power devices.

Frontend Archaeology: Digging Through Tweetdeck For Lessons At Scale, Tom Ashworth

Rounded the year off watching this talk. Great talk in it’s own right, but validated a lot of things I’d been thinking about over the last year as it referenced Greg Wilson’s What We Actually Know About Software Development talk.

That’s it.